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Cottages on the beach in Odessa

Cottages on the beach in Odessa: elite property for sale — Zolotoy Bereg

Buy elite real estate in Odessa on the beach in the cottage town of Zolotoy Bereg. Elite houses and VIP villas by the sea. Call now!

A comfortable cottage by the sea has become a dream of the many, who value a fine blend of romantic appeal and sound practicality. Salubrious marine climate, picturesque scenery and stunning waterscapes, classy Spanish architecture and highly functional habitability… The idyllic image has turned into reality within the cottage town Zolotoy Bereg. Gorgeous real estate in Odessa, Ukraine is awaiting for you.

The Black Sea coast of Odessa attracts attention not only of the maritime lovers. Unique recreational resources, amplified with a well-developed social and domestic welfare infrastructure, create a one-of-a-kind living space. The cottage town is located in close proximity to all essential amenities:

  • banks;
  • shops;
  • schools;
  • restaurants;
  • health care facilities;
  • administration offices and other buildings.

Even though cottage town residents have an easy access to the city infrastructure, this Odessa real estate remains a tranquil place, isolated from the noise and worries of a fast-paced life. Contrary to other country complexes, Zolotoy Bereg is a part of legendary Odessa with its sandy beaches, green parks and a quiet play of silken waves.

Cottages on the beach: Spanish architecture and modern technologies for your comfort with estate sales in Odessa

Elite Odessa real estate is an unquestionable attribute of the status. Cozy premium-class homes are built in classic Spanish style with incorporation of cutting-edge technologies to satisfy all the needs of the residents. Each of 25 villas is privileged with the most valuable asset a house by the sea can possibly have – a terrace with a breathtaking sea view.

The layout of the cottage town is robust and well-encapsulated, ensuring an absolute convenience for residents and their guests. Both exterior and interior locations of this real estate in Odessa are designed to create a feeling of pure euphoria and grant a topnotch living.

The classic Spanish art of building can be observed in every element of architectural ensembles of Odessa real estate for sale. Mediterranean charisma is easily traced in expressive piazzas, columns, balconies and open terraces. Every house in Zolotoy Bereg cottage town is planned to the smallest detail to ensure a truly comfortable living. Apart from the bedrooms, kitchen and a living room with a fireplace you will also find a billiard room, sauna, garage with enough space for two vehicles, and a private swimming pool.

The fenced beach of the cottage town is adjacent to the waterfront which branches out into multiple cobbled paths, connecting the beach with houses.

The three- and four-storeyed villas living areas vary from 420 to 700 m2. The project was developed by leading designers and architects from seven countries, all over the world. Zolotoy Bereg real estate in Odessa is an embodiment of the cutting-edge building technologies, incorporating super strong ecological materials such as:

  • natural wood;
  • marble;
  • granite;
  • silk wallpapers;
  • plaster breather membrane, etc.

Incorporation of natural and composite materials allows to build houses capable of withstanding climatic and seasonal effects with a 25 years of warranty for all the buildings in the cottage town. This real estate in Odessa, Ukraine designed for a sustainable living!

Elite house by the sea without additional investments

Structural engineering applied at Zolotoy Bereg villas is rooted in the finest traditions of the "perpetual house" erection, largely inspired by the medieval Spanish architects. The basic features of Odessa property for sale complexes include:

  • high-strength, drawdown free foundation (made of reinforced concrete monolith);
  • brick walls (made with 100% red natural clay exposed to extensive heat treatment);
  • Spanish tiled roof (customized according to the individual choice of a client);
  • natural wooden windows with double energy-saving package (Softline window system);
  • facade plated with an ecologically clean insulation, and special water-proof paint as a coating;
  • natural finishing materials (heat treated tiles, gray-beige sandstone) used for terrace decoration;
  • alleys are covered with anti-slip effect granite;
  • fences made of balustered fibrous concrete or stainless steel.

Zolotoy Bereg cottage estate is a full-fledged, accomplished project, which does not require any further investments. This is an all-sufficient elite complex, ready to buy and live in. And there is still a villa property for sale in Odessa, Ukraine, which you can buy!

Smart house – safe and reliable

A sense of security is the guaranty of comfort and serenity. The entire complex of cottages on the beach is under round-the-clock security and video surveillance. The implementation of modern safety and alerting systems of the villa town serves to assure peace and protection from unauthorized entry, intruders, emergency situations, etc.

Due to the mobile life support system of the main engineering and utility communications, the owners of Odessa estates Zolotoy Bereg always have access to all the benefits of civilization:

  • water supply and sewerage;
  • electricity;
  • phone connection;
  • Internet.

In case of any equipment malfunction, leakage or failure, as well as for obtaining competent information on the organization of social and cultural activities in the cottage estate, you are always welcome to contact our concierge service.

Elite houses at the sea shore in Odessa are available for purchase. Despite the widespread opinion, you can buy a villa with modern infrastructure in a picturesque Black Sea spot without any economic and legal risks, according to the current legislation, within the shortest possible period of time and at a completely loyal price.

Embark on a virtual tour to discover the beauty of Zolotoy Bereg property in Odessa, Ukraine, and invite your family members to join you. Explore the magnificence of exterior and sophisticated coziness of interior design. Choose the best house for the life of happiness on the golden shore of your dream!